December 2005 Update


Winter has come to this neck of the woods, and along with it, the snow has begun to cover the Acclaim.

This hasn’t stopped the work on the wiring, mind you; I’ve actually been doing quite a bit with getting the engine compartment harness grafted together and tucked into yellow wiring looms.

Although this project has taken a *lot* longer than I ever dreamed it would (I originally thought it would be on the road in August), the wiring has turned into the $64,000 issue. It is just not simple to rewire a car for use with a different computer. Along the way, I’ve found some issues with the wiring that needed to be addressed (mostly missing insulation and corrosion), and had to scratch my head a lot while trying to figure out what to keep from each donor harness and what to get rid of.

One thing I can tell you for sure: this car will go to the junkyard, whenever that happens, without air conditioning. Near as I can tell, ALL of the wiring that supports it has been removed from the harness.


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