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Well, I plunged into the world of working under a hood again this evening. My friend Richard came across the street for a few minutes and helped me hang it back on there; first time since the engine got swapped in several months ago. I still have lots of work to do, as I mentioned, […]

Tonight I tackled figuring out why the brake lights stopped working. Well, as it turns out, it was because I had removed the wiring for them! I had labeled two plugs (besides the 50-way connector) between the engine harness and the internal harness A and B. Well, “A” looked like it was just cruise control, […]



After a million, bazillion little details, I finally had a decent run of the transplanted engine last night! I ran it long enough for it to get warmed up, and verified that the cooling fan operates when I disconnect the sensor on the front of the cylinder head. It ran pretty crappy at first, lots […]