No luck with the junkyard axle shafts


I’ve struck out in the junkyard axles department. The Daytona axle
boots were dry-rotted and in tough shape. The LeBaron axles were the
larger diameter.

I’ve gotten REALLY good at removing axles. I did all the work to drop
the swaybar, free the balljoint on the passenger side and remove the
axle on the LeBaron in under 40 minutes using just hand tools. Bet
with air tools I could do it in 15 minutes.

So I’m gonna punt. I’ve ordered up OEM-style replacement boots and
I’m going to disassemble the joints I have, inspect them, and
hopefully just replace the boots and call it good. If one of the CVs
is bad, I’ll end up popping for a rebuilt replacement axle, but
hopefully luck is with me (hasn’t been so far, of course, but you
never know.) Then we’ll get this thing put together and at least
fully know the condition of the CV joints. At less than $10 more than
the cost of a pair junkyard axles (and not knowing their true
condition before installing them) replacing the boots on the ones I
have seems like money well spent.

I’ve been reading about water/alcohol injection this week and it looks
like guys are saying they can safely dispense with the intercooler!
One guy said he had FROST forming on one of his intercooler pipes and
the intake was cool to the touch after a hard run. I wonder if this
is an easier and perhaps more effective solution to cooling the air
charge on this suck-through T1 I’ve got?


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