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The front drum assembly, sometimes called the front clutch or the direct drum, is assembled in the transmission directly behind the front pump, and is mated directly to the ring gear/front planet assembly


Last night’s adventure into Home Transmission Repair(TM) brought us to a crossroads of sorts: do we replace the low overrun clutch cam or not?

Sunday night I started disassembling the transmission in preparation for the overhaul. I already have the parts kit including all of the seals, as well as a heavy-duty replacement reverse-band strut and a complete set of replacement clutches and steels. I spent $86 on that stuff, tax included at a local transmission supply house; the […]

Saturday, after a very long delay waiting for funds and time, I finally tore the transmission back out of the Acclaim in order to rebuild it. It turned out that the no-upshift issue I mentioned back in May was really a failed seal in the transmission. After a lot of playing around with the valve […]

It drives!


May 7, 2005, the Acclaim moved under it’s own power for the first time since I’ve owned it. I spent the afternoon at Parts Galore, my favorite junkyard, finally yanking the axle shafts out of a forlorn ’86 Daytona Turbo Z that I had earlier rejected because I thought the boots didn’t look perfect. As […]

While out taking Leo for a lunchtime walk, I once again saw my around-the-corner neighbor outside working on his antique Ford. This time, I decided to go over and introduce myself. Jim is a retired tool and die man who says he has had a passion for Ford Model As since he was a kid. […]

I’ve struck out in the junkyard axles department. The Daytona axle boots were dry-rotted and in tough shape. The LeBaron axles were the larger diameter. I’ve gotten REALLY good at removing axles. I did all the work to drop the swaybar, free the balljoint on the passenger side and remove the axle on the LeBaron […]